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They trusted me

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Watch the reviews of people I’ve coached.

Speakers of TEDxBlois (France) 2019

Terence Ericson, Laura Lange, Taha Mansour, Nicolas Raimbault

Neurobiologist, Terence Ericson works to recreate the function of our brain to make the world of tomorrow one without neurodegenerative disease. Popularizer of science, Terence is the founder and coordinator of several transhumanist organisations. Our work focused on simplifying and enhancing the content of his talk, whilst remaining faithful to his authentic personality.

Philosopher, lecturer and columnist, Laura Lange has been working for many years on TV and lecturing at top companies. During her presentations, she invites you to step back and become an actor in your environment. I helped Laura to simplify and lighten the content of her talk, so that everyone could appreciate the subtlety of her verbiage.

Taha Mansour is a young mentalist who questions our perception of the world and highlights the mysteries that can be found there. In addition to his engineering studies, he writes, creates and performs shows to inspire people by creating an enchanting experience. We worked a lot on his content but also his tendency to speak too quickly, due to his enthusiasm.

Former high-level basketball player, Nicolas Raimbault has developed an expertise in conceptualizing the key success factors of the greatest sports champions. He currently advises and supports many executives and CEOs in their leadership strategy. We worked hard on his audacity so that he could find the emotion within his speech.