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About - Le Mot Juste
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Founder of Le Mot Juste


I’ve been passionate about writing since I was a child and never doubted what I wanted to do for a career!

Originally from the South of France, I have a degree in Literature and a Master’s degree in Communication and Entertainment Management. My journey is the one of an autodidact at ease in various settings: from being a French Teacher in France to working as an Events Manager in Marrakesh and an Agent Assistant for jazz artists in London, I have even worked in luxury clothes boutiques and in contemporary art galleries. What brings these experiences altogether? Facilitating meetings between people, I act like a natural catalyst that helps people express his full potential. Dynamism, adaptability, empathy and openmindedness are my main assets. I only do what I am passionate about! And, if you need to find the right words, you can count on me!