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Le Mot Juste

Hire a professionnal coach:

Find the right (French) words and expand your influence!

I am an independent French writer, communication trainer and public speaking coach. Being determined to cross linguistic barriers and fascinated by the cosmopolitan environment, I decided to expand my business Le Mot Juste, overseas, to London.

What I do best?


French Le Mot Juste is based on 4 founding pillars. Each one is a verb and corresponds to a set of services (training, coaching, content production and conferences) but they all address the same challenge: to communicate as effectively as possible. In addition to that, I am a coach for TEDx speakers in France. All the services I provide are designed to reinforce and support the emergence of your professional or personal projects. I offer one of them in London: Public Speaking Coaching for French or English speakers and I’ve launched two others.

What I do in France?

What I do in France?

Public speaking coaching / Content writing for medias, companies or individuals ; Writing workshop ; Proofreading / Lectures in companies and business schools ; Events hosting ; Business introducing / Communication training programme for employees

You can visit the French website if you click on the flag on the menu.

What I do in the United Kingdom?

What I do in the United Kingdom?

Public Speaking Coaching / Communication training programme for employees called Speak better French programme / I provide my expertise in events management and external or internal communication, adressed to a French audience, as an advisor.

Le Mot Juste lands in London !

Many English speakers are faced with the need to master the French way of speaking, either because they have to present their content to a French audience, or because they need to understand French content. This is where I get involved: as a coach! Presence on stage, body language, use of voice, content, inspiration, I coach on every aspect of your presentation and help you make the best of yourselves.

The coaching sessions are available face-to-face in London or by Skype / Zoom, by appointement.

Most of my clients’ requests concern:

Why work with me?



I am an expert in the French language, as a teacher, a writer and a French literature graduate. Your content has to reflect who you are and I will make sure that it will remain not only understandable or inspiring but unique.



I dedicate myself to all the forms of communication in order to encourage better communication between all of us. I will lead you to your thoughts’ limits to find the core of what you really want to say and why.



I created my own professional path. I come from an international environment. Half French, half Spanish, my multicultural education guarantees my sense of curiosity for the other and his culture.



The coaching process involves close collaboration between people giving access to each other to their own energy potential and sharing knowledge. Every collaboration will challenge both of us. Think of me as an ally.


characters per month


words per minute


spoken languages


ideas per hour

My commitments

With Le Mot Juste and through all my enterprises, I support the values that matter to me.


I invest myself in projects that contribute to the combat for equal rights, for everybody and through language. I work to facilitate the dialogue between the genders, the generations and the cultures, between all humans all in all.

Le Mot Juste s'inscrit dans une démarche de développement personnel pour tous.


I am an enthusiastic supporter of the positive mindset, I like to surround myself with passionate people who are willing to evolve, as I am. This is why I joined the TEDx community as a coach and, soon, a speaker. Mindset is everything!

Le Mot Juste cares about expanding everybody's personal development.


I am an active member of entrepreneur communities, continuously on the lookout for innovative projects to give my practical or theorical support to, along with my expertise. Do you have an innovative idea? Let’s talk about it!

Le Mot Juste promotes and takes part in innovative projects.